Half life 2 wont launch stuck on validating

27-Oct-2017 15:55

When I try to launch any html5 project with the new 4.10 version the process gets stuck on "Validating Executable for HTML5" . I have encountered the same issue on another PC as well.Hi Pwn Pwn, I've tested 4.10's HTML5 launch to Chromium and Firefox Nightly 64-bit browsers without issue.Is Material function call Local Position supported for HTML5 packaging?Media Texture is black in HTML5 Packaged project HTML5 Type Error: Loop.scheduler is not a function - Mac OS, Safari (UE-36937) error running html5 project.Sanjay kumar: May I please know if you are in corporate (office) network? Sanjay kumar: Please follow below instructions to check on this Sanjay kumar: Please open Finder, then click on Go Go To Folder Sanjay kumar: Then type /etc Sanjay kumar: Let me know once you are in ETC folder. Emma Batley: ok, i'll wait Sanjay kumar: Thank you for staying online.

I'm able to load the scene after it launches and move around without issue. Logs and post the text file here for the most recent log that includes this package information.Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming., Sanjay kumar: I will be glad to check and assist you, Sanjay kumar: May I please know if the applications was working fine before?