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She means it when she says she remembers you with pleasure and fondness. She noticed that I always picked all the carrots out of my stir fry. “But then I realized that being gay is much too easy a solution for the problem that I have.”Suddenly, he was everywhere: in the library, leaving a screening of “J’Accuse,” parking his bicycle and running into the general store to buy two apples. Guys from our small and stunted football team stumbled home at dawn in nothing but sports bras and Juicy sweatpants. After he went back to his dorm, I sat on the tiles in the public shower and tried to decide whether I loved him or hated him.

Something must have reorganized in her thinking about her online presence. She recounted this more as an act of devotion and less as a symptom of an almost Victorian melancholy.

It offers an outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds and a children’s paddling pool.

These open-plan apartments are air conditioned and feature a balcony with various views.

Lena may have changed the lyrics to Wonderwall with Maggie's help for karaoke night because she knows Kara is Supergirl and the skirting around it is getting RIDICULOUS.

Note: and now this is turning into a fake dating AU sorry lmao. “Tell me, do you interview every villain that comes across National City, and then use the information you got to blackmail them, Kara Danvers?

Need some help with more date ideas and other romantic things to do when exploring Rome?

Read on for our guide to the city's most romantic experiences.

His role as Valor is pretty big to the plot.] Its time for National City's Annual Charity Ball (and Auction) and who other than Lena Luthor wins the 'date' with the city's Girl of Steel.

“Zor-El, we have a daughter,” Alura tearfully said, cradling the baby close as her husband reached out to stroke the child’s cheek with a shaking hand.“She is beautiful,” Zor-El murmured. She will be beloved by all, and so her name shall be Kara.”The High Priestess approached the end of the bed, and the king and queen looked at her as she spoke, for the words of the High Priestess were treated with the utmost respect and importance.“She has been kissed by the sun.” It's been 20 years since Kuvira fell. Lena thinks the chances of the both of them ever becoming more than friends are lower than ever since it seems unlikely that her memories will be restored fully in time...

A new threat is rising in Republic City and in the Spirit World. until Kara wakes up and falls in love with her at first sight and she begins dreading the day Kara's memories come back.

” I wanted to write back “Like I’d even notice if you just unfriended me, or even if you died, you crazy fucking hag.” But I couldn’t. That is, she was happily avoiding day-old tuna salad and being asked to “grab the rudder for a second” and reading by the land line instead. I would watch his strong back as he rose from bed to get a Mason jar of water and think, That’s mine.

Everyone but my mom was out sailing on a boat known as Cognac; she was inside the cottage, having an asthma attack. It was snowing, and they were both wearing giant high-tech mittens that made them look like Transformers. Which is a word he thought implied ownership and all kinds of hetero-normative things that smart people avoid, but it was what I felt.This magnificent, six-columned fountain marks the end of the Acqua Paola aqueduct, which once brought water from Lake Bracciano into the Capital.

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The University of Texas at Austin ("University") is committed to maintaining an academic community (including associated teaching, research, working and athletic environments) free from conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exploitation.… continue reading »

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The continuing successes of his singles and mixtapes snowballed into a popularity so hot that a bidding war from different labels on the emerging Toronto rap king ensued, with Young Money Entertainment and Lil Wayne winning the fight.… continue reading »

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Ye-Jin then argues with popular singer Cindy (IU) over her stage outfit. He hears rumors that his show is going to be cancelled because of low ratings. This is a must watch especially to those who loves Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, IU, Kim Jong Kook, and etc. Honestly, when i watched this drama at the first time i dont know too much about k-pop and k-drama.… continue reading »

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