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If two instances of Cloudera Manager are active at the same time and attempt to access the same database, data corruption can result, making Cloudera Manager unable to manage the cluster. Scm Active: Scm Active detected spurious CM :,bootup true 2016-02-17 ,916 WARN main:com.cloudera.components.

Scm Active: Scm Active: The database is owned by 2016-02-17 ,917 ERROR main:com.cloudera.bootstrap.

The initial identification can be done at Java level via JAAS or at HTTP level via a dedicated filter.

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Using the concept of "Integrate, Federate and Operate" we can describe the steps an application owner must complete to provide and manage federated SSO in their application: There are a number of additional considerations that should also be taken into account (for example federated user provisioning) however, this guide will focus on the SSO activity.Bean Creation Exception: Error creatingbean with name 'entity Manager Factory Bean': Factory Bean threw exception onobject creation; nested exception is Runtime Exception: Scm Activeat bootup: Failed to validate the identity of Cloudera Manager.Application Platform - The application platform can help determine the simplest integration method.

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The platform includes the language and framework the application is written in (i.e. NET 4.5) as well as the web application server the application is hosted on (i.e. Application Deployment Model - Whether the application is cloud-hosted or deployed inside the firewall can also help determine the simplest integration method.

The data and image on chip further validates the authenticity of passport and the person presenting it is who they claim to be.